ABCexplorer 1.3

Create, edit, play, print, convert, organize musical files in ABC format
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ABCexplorer allows to create, edit, play, print, convert and organize musical files in ABC format (text format) under Windows. It is basically a program for Windows XP. However it is compatible with Windows 9x, Windows Vista and Windows 7. To run on Vista, ABCexplorer must be used in "run as administrator" mode and in XP compatibility mode.

Main features:
1. Files management
2. Tunes management
3. ABC code editing
4. Audio playing
5. Export and Print
- Direct PDF export.
- Export in various graphical formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG.
- Html export with creation of a full Web structure.
- Direct printing in high resolution of score from a file (filtered or not), a tune or a list of tunes.
6. Open and Import
- Possibility of direct opening a remote ABC file distant as if it were a local file.
- List of remote ABC favorites.
- Compatible in opening with the ABC files of type Windows (CRLF), Mac (CR) or Unix/Linux (LF).
- Importation and direct opening of the ABC code copied in the clipboard (for gleaning from the Web or the forums).

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